VP of Operations

Crestwood Technology Group
May 22, 2018
Jun 05, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description


Vice president of operations is an experienced operations professional who has generated significant impact contributing to a business's bottom line through strategic and tactical direction. Vice president of operations oversees day-to-day operations to support the growth and add to the bottom line of the company. Directs the operations of the company by measuring progress and adjusting processes accordingly to support the company's goals. This position will direct and develop director-level department heads in Distribution, Quality Assurance, Shipping & Receiving, Warehouse, and Operations. This position will report directly to the COO. This individual has the responsibility and authority to carry out all assigned tasks.


Supervisory Responsibility

This position manages all employees of the Distribution, Quality Assurance, including Quality Department Test Lab, Shipping & Receiving, Warehouse and Operations departments and is responsible for the performance management, hiring of the employees within these departments, as well as training & development.

Quality Department Operations

?? Oversee all inspections and QA Lab operations

?? Responsible for the purchase of equipment and supplies for the department

?? Train inspectors on proper procedures for inspection

?? Remain current on industry best practices for inspection and equipment operation

?? Coordinate with Management Rep to ensure compliance to all applicable Standards, SOP's and WI's

?? Assist Management Rep in interfacing with customers, customer QA Reps, regulators, and third-party auditors

?? Assist Management Rep in supplier management

?? Contributes tactical results and action plans to Management Rep for semiannual Quality Management Review Meetings

?? Must pass annual IDEA ICE 3000 certification exam as well as annual vision exam

Overall Operations

?? Develop operational strategic plan aligned with company strategic plan and execute to enhance profitability, productivity and efficiency throughout the company's operations.

?? Develop and direct the management of the company's fulfillment/distribution center that will ensure fast order processing, proper and timely receipt of goods, accurate inventory control, proper and timely receipt/stocking of goods, cost-efficient shipping direct to customers and effective processing of returns. Manage logistics and outbound transportation processes.

?? Develops and evaluates metrics to forecast requirements and implement improved processes and management methods to generate higher ROI and workflow optimization.

?? Interact regularly with executive team and individual department heads to ensure that company's operational priorities are aligned with total company direction.

?? Coordinate with EVP of Corporate Compliance to ensure compliance to all applicable Corporate Policies and Procedures

?? Continually investigate and introduce process improvement measures, track continuous improvements and present suggestions to COO for consideration.

?? Determines the departmental requirements, prepares reasons for incremental expenditures and submits an annual budget package for approval.

?? After approval, manages the department, meeting budgetary commitments.

?? Comply with all requirements of the AS9120, ISO 9001, ASA-100, and IDEA QMS 9090 Quality Management System and criteria of CCAP-101, AS6081, and ANSI/ESD-S20.20

Black Belt Duties

?? Black Belts lead the Six Sigma improvement process, including the training and development of Green Belts. Must be comfortable with managing and driving change and leading and interacting with employees at every level within the company. Must be clear and effective communicator in order to perform as a leader, mentor, coach and trainer.


?? B.A./B.S. from an accredited college or university

?? IDEA ICE 3000 Certified Professional Inspector

?? Six Sigma Black Belt

?? 5+ years relevant experience with Quality inspections in the defense and aerospace industry

?? 5+ years relevant experience in distribution operations

?? Operational experience within a Quality Management System

?? Must obtain ISO or AS internal or lead auditor certification within 6 months of accepting position

?? Excellent communication and written skills

?? Proven/demonstrated ability to lead a team

?? Demonstrated success in operations improvements contributing to the overall bottom line of the business


See Training Matrix