Merritt Staffing

Payroll/HR Representative

White Plains, New York
Dec 20, 2017
Feb 18, 2018
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Employment Type
Full Time




            Payroll/HR Representative is needed to help with semi-

            monthly, multistate payroll preparation and reconciliation

            for companies in USA and Canada to include the following:

            payroll processing and reporting; benefits administration

            and enrollments; benefits and payroll costs reporting;

            personnel files management; HR databases maintenance and

            data entry



            "Payroll calculation and submission for all US (ADP

            Workforce) and Canadian (Ceridian) entities on semimonthly


            "Process all new hires and terminations in the ADP payroll


            "Tracking and recording of all PTO, FMLA, STD, LTD, and any

            Personal Leave in ADP/Ceridian system per requirements

            "Tracking all the Time and Attendance, OT, and Benefits

            information in the ADP system as required by the ACA and DOL


            "Preview of W-2 and T4 and end of year preparation


            "Tracking and recording all data for EEOC purposes via ADP


            "Process employment, salary verification and garnishments

            notifications as required

            "Partner with accounting, to reconcile payroll adjustments

            "Creating and maintaining semi-monthly Canadian payroll cost

            reports; work with the accounting team to book cost

            "Creating and downloading the GL reports from ADP for our

            internal SAP payroll module

            "Assist HR Manager with monthly payroll reconciliation of US

            and Canadian payrolls

            "Updating the funds request forms for payroll, Fidelity and

            elective benefits with every payroll run

            "Gathering and documenting all payroll related records per

            payroll run

            "Reconsolidating payroll funds requests vs ADP reports and

            bank debits (cooperate with accounting team)

            "Calculation, verification and tracking of 401K/RRSP/NRSP

            contributions for employees, company match and safe harbor

            "Preparation and uploading of retirement plans submission

            files on semi-monthly basis (US and Canadian) on Provider's

            website and properly documenting such for the annual Plan


            "Creating and maintaining the internal YTD payroll and

            social charges cost reports per employee.

            "Registration for all payroll withholding taxes with state

            agencies; communicating and record keeping of tax rate to

            payroll representatives (ADP/Ceridian); documenting all

            related correspondence

            "Collecting and record keeping of all enrollment forms,

            employee information forms, payroll/tax forms, retirement

            plan contribution elections

            "Documenting and record keeping of all retirement plan

            communications, deferred contributions, changes in

            employees' contribution elections, account activations and

            other reports

            "Be a contact person for all US and Canadian employees for

            basic payroll matters and questions



            HR Administration


            "Managing I-9 Forms (required by Federal law) folders

            "Updating and tracking of I-9 Forms on file for all

            employees as verification of identity and employment

            authorization as well as documents expiration dates

            "Enrollment of all new employees and maintenance of existing

            US and Canadian employees in all HR databases (SAP HRCM


            "Managing the onboarding and offboarding processes from the

            payroll and benefits side

            "Keeping properly organized and updated employees' personnel


            "Tracking of vacation, sick, and PTO days for all US and

            Canada employees

            "Track and maintain current Time and Attendance records as

            required by ACA

            "Support the US HR & Benefits Team in daily administrative

            tasks as needed

            "Support local office administration as needed

            "Be a contact person for all US and Canadian employees for

            basic HR administration matters and questions




            "Benefits enrollments and termination management

            "COBRA enrollments and benefit management; coordinating and

            verifying coverage dates with the provider

            "Review and verification of all benefits monthly invoices

            for USA and Canada to ensure correct coverage

            "Benefits' premiums cost allocation to cost centers per

            employee. Verifying and updating all cost center changes for

            such reporting

            "FSA contribution tracking and reporting (for payroll & for

            BAI). Semi-monthly reports to be sent to BAI to track YTD


            "Managing YTD benefits cost reports per employee in USA and


            "Working closely with business partners and team members on

            accuracy of the current employees cost allocations, start

            dates, transfer dates, terminations, split of costs for

            payroll and benefits

            "Be a contact person for all US and Canadian employees for

            basic benefits matters and questions